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Handle follow-ups with outside and inside co-workers

Do Follow-ups on your interlocutors

Do follow-ups per person

Don’t you want to turn your long hour phone call into efficient one ? One issue is that without al data at hand, when on a call, you retrace all the steps to know where everyone is in the process. Beesy allows you to collect all the data beforehand, to give you room to create a good relationship and address all topics, hence enable better productivity and lessen the stress of forgetting anything.

As Beesy can deal with any type of contact (owning Beesy or not), you can do follow-ups on your interlocutors very easily : prepare one to one meetings, send reports, ask for tasks reports.

You can also modify deadlines, add comments to adapt to new challenges.


Demonstration – How to do follow-ups on interlocutors ?


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