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Manage my organisation

Manage my organisation

Implement your objectives and projects to manage them

Discover the Beesy organisation, thanks to the panel on top of your Beesy you can obtain different views.  

In the project view, you can define your proper projects, your objectives in order to manage your daily activity. 

A key factor is to be able to put your projects in the right objectives, just as you would do with a document in the right file on your computer. This way, everything can be found quickly. All notes are automatically shared with all participants of the project. Therefore, if someone can not attend a meeting, he or she will be able to get all information and the context automatically.  

Once the structure is solid, the use, classification and sharing of information is drastically increased. You will obviously be able to modify the structure as your challenges and priorities shift : add projects, objectives. However, starting with a structured base is fondamental. 

Go and discover now how to put in place your organisation to access better efficiency.

Demonstration – Manage my organisation



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