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Manage my meetings

Animate your meetings !

Beesy makes automatic your action plans


By the end of meetings, everything seems in place, however, making sure everyone applies the giving plan and managing the project can prove more difficult. While note-taking in the notes panel, Beesy automatically tidies up the task to file them at the correct deadline, to the correct person and type of priority. Therefore, once out of your meetings, your Dashboard walks you through your meeting decisions, at the right deadline, day by day. It allows you to make sure that what was decided is implemented.

2 options : You can use the dashboard for a graphic approach or the Eisenhower matrix to visualise by priority. You can also through the people panel see what is due by your co-workers on specific projects.

During meetings as topic go by, you can simply close actions for you co-workers if they have forgotten to close them. You can also add comments and communicate documents. Everything is updated as you do it and by the end of the meeting, the reports is ready and updated.


Demonstration – How to animate your meetings ?



Summary :