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Communicate on progress

Communicate on progress

Beesy offers several tools that will allow you to communicate on the progress of your current projects

During projects, assessing progress, check on co-workers’ work and communicate on it all is key, however it may result as being complex when many people are involved. 

Beesy accompanies you on reporting your projects, create Dashboards to facilitate project following and communicate on the project progress.

There are différent ways, choose whatever suits you best : 

  1. From the project panel: establish a report per person with there open and overdue actions. 
  2. Via a timeline that you can modify from dragging an action on the timeline to change the date and get a global view. 
  3. From the Dashboard panel : Reports to obtain an overall graphic vision that can be shared to co-workers.
  4. From the notes panel : create from a project, and after the meeting, just share the report by mail to the participants.


Demonstration – How to communicate on the progress of your projects


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