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Beesy’s principles

Understanding Beesy’s principles

Beesy aims to guide you through the 5 management main pillars.

In a world where data overflows at all times, via email, chats, calls, meetings among others, prioritizing and managing one’s activity becomes a real challenge.

Beesy helps you collect data from the variety of tools you use daily in order to facilitate your project management, team management and talk you through making the best decisions.

To do so, Beesy relies on 5 majors pillars to propose specific solutions for each issue.


Collect :

The aim is to collect all data from outside applications (mails, messages, meetings) to create a relevant, secure database which represents the core of your activity, enhancing relevancy and productivity. 

Organize :

Once the data is fully collected, Beesy prioritizes to make up an action plan. You can obtain daily or weekly views on tasks, allowing you to choose what to prioritize. It allows you to focus on daily tasks without forgetting any information nor feeling overwhelmed. 

Delegate :

The collaborative solution is key to simply assign tasks to collegues. It enhances project communication and gives to all the latest information.  You can easily  see the others’ work on shared project, and send follow-ups by email from Beesy. 

Coordinate :

Our moto: useful, recent and relevant information only. This collaborative structure garanties access and improves communication within teams.

Manage :

Dashbords are excellent to draw out priorities. You can build your views to obtain personnalized follow-ups on projects, teams or tasks activity. 

Summary :