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No more forgetting !

No more forgetting !

Beesy offers a variety of tool to accompany you

Having ideas when we travel, reminding ourselves there is something we must not forget, in our car or during meetings, and ending up forgetting it…

Beesy offers support in many apps to alleviate your mental workload. It ensures you do not forget, thanks to :

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. iPhone Application
  3. iPad Application
  4. Outlook plugin

The virtual assistant present in MS Teams allows by vocal command or chat to add and assign tasks or actions. Moreover, when looking through your emails, if you need to be reminded of something important mentioned in the mail, you can use the Outlook complement to assign and add tasks as well.

The more precise you will be (who is in charge, which project, deadline), the easier it will be for you later on in your Beesy.

You can also access to your Beesy on the app which is the most convenient for you (iPhone, iPad or website) from whatever panel you’d like.


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