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Install MS Teams Beesy plugin

Install MS Teams Beesy plugin

Beesy is implemented in Teams to grant you an exceptional experience

Beesy is implemented in several of your daily tools and allow you to discuss and ask your virtual assistant for several tasks. Do not hesitate to be precise, specifying, deadline, project, person in charge of the task to simplify classification later on. You can also ask for daily and weekly reports. Furthermore, you will have a Beesy access directly in Teams enabling you to do everything your jobs require solely in one app. 

You just need to download the MS Teams plugin. You will be able to access it from Teams just by selecting it when using the app.

Here are simple step to obtain the plugin : Download the Beesy App in MS Teams 

  1. Go to MS Teams
  2. Applications
  3. Search Beesy
  4. Install
  5. Pin
  6. Enter virtual assistant code


Demonstration – Install MS Teams Beesy plugin