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Create manageable views

Create manageable views

Beesy allows you to create personalized views to access rapidly to your projects.

Access to your Beesy manageable views in one clic only to manage your activity, allowing you better projects and teams follow-up. 

You can easily access the views which are relevant for you whenever you are going through your search engine by renaming them and creating shortcuts. All the more when numerous windows are open, being able to save important views is key.

Nice and easy to set up as you can alter the features as many times as you want. Select your filters, personalize according to your preferences. For instance, if you are a visual person, you may want to choose the graphic view as shortcut to check on your activity.

Set up a specific vision to avoid altering filters at all times.

Start here: https://www.beesy.me/index.php/ms/config


Demonstration – Create Manageable Views